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Coffee and Cake - An Adoptee in Search of Her Past
ISBN: 978-1-935001-57-7

A journey acrossCoffee & Cake: An Adoptee in Search of Her Past continents and cultures, Coffee and Cake shares an adoption story through the eyes of the one who forever links strangers as family: the adoptee.Author Julia Meyers lectures and signs books at the Southern Kentucky Book Festival in Bowling Green

Meyers provides this often untold point of view in honest, entertaining prose, dispelling myths and providing insight along the way. This is a beautiful story of the consequences of a closed adoption and the pressures of society, and one woman’s quest to shed light on the truth.

"Grab some coffee and cake and settle down for a good read and an adventure through time and place!" - Patricia Dischler, Author of Because I Loved You: A Birthmother’s View of Open Adoption

Back Cover

Julia Meyers is an adoptee from a German closed adoption who makes the decision to shine light on the truth. In her new book, Coffee and Cake: An Adoptee In Search of Her Past, Meyers takes the reader on a journey across continents and time, as she uncovers the mystery of her past.

An often untold point of view, Meyers dispels many myths in adoption as she honestly lays her emotional journey out for the reader to see. Fierce in loyalty to her adoptive parents, Meyers reveals the true motivation behind her search for her birth family: they are a part of who she is. As she uncovers the answers, new dilemmas emerge. Her family grows, yet as Meyers discovers, each has their own story to tell as well. A beautiful weave of time and place, the book takes the reader from Germany to the United States and proves just how small our world truly is.

Readers will come to understand how societal pressures can lead to misunderstandings, how closed adoptions deny a child’s beginnings, leaving them feeling a piece of who they are is missing, and how time does not always heal all wounds. Ultimately, the story is one of love, the growth of family, the joy of truth, the construction of self-image. Meyers provides us with a much needed piece of the adoption puzzle and a great read to accompany an afternoon with coffee and cake!

Patricia Dischler, Author of Because I Loved You: A Birthmother’s View of Open Adoption

Mike Sheehan Book Review


"Coffee and Cake: An Adoptee In Search of Her Past" is an amazing story of a determined woman who seeks to uncover and restore her pre adoption history, parents, family and roots, while simultaneously cherishing and keeping her adoptive family ties intact. Born in Germany in 1968, author Julia Meyers is adopted by kind, loving parents who encourage her to develop her considerable talents and interests. "Coffee and Cake" traces the life-changing decision of the author to seek out first her birth mother, a German woman named Edda, and later her birth father, an American soldier named Ottie. In the process, which is supported by both her adoptive parents, the author uncovers past painful history and also new relationships with half-siblings born to her birth mother after her subsequent marriage, after deciding to give up Julia for adoption. All these encounters are filled with emotion, but Julie is persistent and courageous in her search. Her adoptive mother's only worry is that she will be hurt or disappointed in what she finds. The idea of "Coffee and Cake" is that you can't really understand entirely who you are until you have found - and embraced -who and where you came from. The author understands that not all adoptees' searches might perhaps end as positively as hers has. But to read "Coffee and Cake" is to enter into a spirit of vibrant, positive expectation of happiness and fulfillment deserved for all. Perhaps this expectation propels the compelling search, or perhaps there is more. As Julia finds and accepts and incorporates each new relationship into her life, her own family also grows. She meets and marries her husband and they have two children, all while leading intensely demanding professional lives as a musician/scientist and an archaeologist. Every time she is able to meet with either her birth mother, or birth half siblings, or other family she meets later, they have a ritual entertainment of serving coffee and cake. Germans love having coffee and cake in the afternoons, and during pleasant visits. Julie traces her search for family on both sides of the Atlantic, while continuing to keep her close ties with her adoptive family, mother, father, and brother, intact. Her life presents her with many challenges. She is resolute, even indefatigable. Her story will become an inspiration to many. I believe she has much to offer even to those who have not experienced closed adoptions. The message of cherishing your family roots, seeking and honoring your beginnings is very strong in "Coffee and Cake." It is a book to be kept, read and reread.


About the Author

Julia Meyers at the Coffee ShopJulia Isabell Meyers was born in Germany in 1968. At two months she was adopted by her loving parents and grew up with one younger brother in a small, picturesque German community. After her high school graduation in 1987, Julia completed a two year apprenticeship at a local bank. Not being fulfilled with this profession, she began to study Cultural Anthropology at the University in Frankfurt, Germany and graduated with a Masters Degree in 1995.Julia Meyers with Acclaim Press publishers Keith Steele (left) and Doug Sikes at the authors’ reception

In the meantime she had found her love for Archeology and for four years traveled throughout the world excavating in the American Southwest, Germany and the Andes of Argentina. In 1997 she was accepted at the Ph.D. program to the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. There she met her husband Ross and they married in 1999 in Germany. The couple have two children: Carmen is ten and Sean is eight.

In 1996, Julia Meyers decided to search for her birth mother, who she met for the first time in December of the same year. In 2004, she then continued her search for her birth father, who had been an American soldier stationed in Germany. They met in December 2004.

In 2005, when her husband Ross graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona, they relocated to the Midwest, where he was born and raised. Julia finished her Ph.D. in 2007 and is now pursuing her career as a writer. Today Julia and her family are residing near Madison, Wisconsin.

5.5" x 8.5" hardcover

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