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Revelations Revealed - A Study of the Events and Happenings in the Book of Revelations
ISBN: 978-1-935001-49-2
Revelations Revealed - A Study of the Events and Happenings in the Book of RevelationsRevelations Revealed: A Study of the Events and Happenings in the Book of Revelation


Revelations leaves many good Bible readers and students dismayed. Many preachers won’t touch it. Furthermore, scholars, for centuries, have gotten confused, mixing up its elaborate symbols and allegories for the actual and vice versa. How can a book called The Revelation be so concealed? Is it even meant to be understood? Jesse Urbano answers with a resounding YES.

Urbano has gathered and compiled the teachings of many pastors, Bible scholars and historians about this wonderful book in the Bible, systematically breaking it down chapter-by-chapter, passage-by-passage, showing that the book’s author, Jesus Christ, meant for it to be understood.
If you’ve ever wanted to be able to “look into the book” and “hear what the spirit is saying unto the churches,” this is the guide that will help you to do it.

The Book of Revelation is meant to be understood.

Revelations Revealed: A Study of the Events and Happenings in the Book of Revelation discusses and explains in simple terms such fascinating subjects as:

•   The importance of Bible symbols and numeric symbols
•   The Seven Spirits of God
•   The Seven Stars and the Seven Candlesticks
•   The Seven Churches of Asia
•   The First and Second Death
•   Computing Prophetic Time Periods
•   False Religion and the Falling Away of the Church
•   The Church in the Dark Ages
•   The Four Horses and the Restoration of Christ’s Church
•   The Lamb’s Book of Life
•   Armageddon and the Battle of Gog and Magog
•   The Seven-Headed Beast
•   Mystery Babylon and the Great Red Dragon
•   Death, Hell and the Real Lake of Fire

...the wealth of material and careful explanations presented by Brother Urbano are invaluable tools to assist in the understanding of the perspective granted by the Lord through Brother Sowders’ ministry.
– Brother Stephen R. Wilkinson

Death has stilled Bro. William Sowders’ voice, but the twenty first century and the body of Christ continues to declare the same warnings that are so clearly pictured in the divinely inspired book of Revelation.
– Bob Rader

About the Author

Jesse J. Urbano is pastor of Gospel Kingdom Church in Louisville, Kentucky, a Pentecostal church founded by Bro. William Sowders in 1927. Sowders’ pastorate was followed by his son, Bro. James Sowders. The work then was placed in the hands of Bro. Clarence Rader upon the death of Bro. James Sowders in 1993. Bro. Rader then anointed Bro. Jesse Urbano as pastor there in 1998. Urbano had served faithfully under both Bro. James Sowders and Bro. Rader in the years before becoming the church’s shepherd. The humble work that Bro. William Sowders started there and in many other places has spread across the country and many parts of the globe. Bro. Jesse is honored to continue in the work of these dear men of God promoting a life of charity and endeavoring to bring the saints into a deeper walk with God.

Bro. Jesse received the Lord Jesus into his heart at the age of eleven and received the gift of the spirit as mentioned in Acts chapter two at the age of 12. He has found that there is no greater pleasure, peace, or contentment than serving his Lord Jesus Christ.

Bro. Jesse and his wife Florabelle have been married for 40 years and have two lovely daughters, Sharon & Stacie. They and their respective sons-in-law, James & Steve, have blessed them with 5 grandchildren: Julia, Brooke, Allison, Megan, and Michael.

6" x 9" hardbound
224 pages

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