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3rd Infantry Division 100th Anniversary Legacy Book

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Military History books by Acclaim Press

Soldiers Saving Soldiers
ISBN: 978-1-935001-78-2
NEW 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition 

Book Details

Author: Jerry  W. Martin, M.D.
Hardcover: 264 pages
Product Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Retail Price: $39.95

Book Description

Soldiers Saving Soldiers is the story of the 18th Surgical Hospital and the doctors, nurses, medics and support personnel who were stationed at Pleiku, South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. In particular, it centers on the experiences of Dr. Jerry W. Martin, who stationed there from June 1966-June 1967.

Part combat hospital and part medical clinic for Vietnamese and Montagnard villagers, the 18th Surgical Hospital served as a vital lifeline and saved the lives of thousands of American servicemen, enemy combatants and local families throughout the Vietnam War. Like their fellow countrymen who fought the war, the men and women of the 18th Surgical Hospital have been forever changed by their experiences in Vietnam, both good and bad.

The book also presents the entire history of the unit, from its origins in 1928 through World War II, and then from reactivation in Vietnam through 1971. In addition, Dr. Martin presents the day-to-day life of a field surgeon with a look at dozens of surgical procedures and their outcomes (with detailed full-color case photographs, plus nearly 500 photographs of people and places throughout Vietnam.

Soldiers Saving Soldiers is an excellent book for veterans, their families and military historians, and also presents excellent case studies for medical professionals and modern-day field surgeons.

In surgically precise prose, Dr. Jerry Martin’s book completes two major missions: First, it is a well-researched history of the 18th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, including its rolls and assignments in WWII and Vietnam. Second, it brings to life and preserves interesting, funny, and tragic remembrances from many individuals during the 18th’s tour of duty in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, when Dr. Martin served on the staff.
––James Flynn, Ph.D.
Retired Professor and former Chairman, English Department, Western Kentucky University

Every Vietnam veteran should read Dr. Jerry W. Martin’s book, Soldiers Saving Soldiers: Vietnam Remembered––A History of the 18th Surgical Hospital. He has detailed the service provided to the injured personnel to put him or her back together and ultimately to send them safely home.
Until one reads this book, one does not realize how much support the medical people gave to the soldiers of our combat units. During my tenure with the 1st Cavalry Division (8th Cavalry), I saw on the line what the 18th Surgical Hospital could do.

Those of you who have been involved with the Vietnam War will realize early on that Dr. Martin wrote this book about the situation the way it was. The 18th Surgical Hospital’s doctors, nurses and medical support personnel deserve all the awards and credit they have been given just as outlined in this book.
––Robert E. Spiller, Col. USA, Ret.

To: Hospital staff and all personnel 18th Surgical Hospital M.A. of Pleiku RVN
I am delighted to take this opportunity to praise each and every one of you for your constant and superior performance of duty at the 18th Surg. in Viet Nam in 1966-67.

I will always remember those days, as I’m sure that you too will, day after day (and night) carrying out your prodigious efforts to save life and limb of all the wounded. Then reorganizing and cleaning up to be ready should additional casualties arrive. At other times, while not at work, you were friendly in relaxing and in recreational pursuits, as appropriate for any society however large or small.
We have heard so many comments these last forty plus years on how bad or terrible our military presence in RVN was that it seems we were uniquely spared such a fate and even managed to enjoy that eventful year.
You have my profound gratitude for a job well done.
––Mark T. Cenac, Col., MC, USA, Ret.


Jerry W. Martin, M.D., was born in Providence (Webster County), Kentucky, on November 28, 1935, to Charles R. Martin, Jr. and Rosena Playl Martin. He graduated from Providence High School in 1954 and continued his education at Vanderbilt University in 1954-55 (Sigma Nu), B.S. from Western Kentucky State College, 1958 and M.D. at University of Louisville College of Medicine in 1963 (Alpha Kappa Kappa).He married Jimmie D. Hobgood on December 18, 1955. 

They have two daughters, Melissa Martin Johnson, R.N., Mary Elizabeth Martin, B.S., D.V.M. and a son, Charles Stanley Martin, B.S., B.A., M.A., J.D., one grandchild, Elizabeth Johnson Hathaway, B.A., and one great grandchild, Sarah Elizabeth Hathaway. 

After engaging in the private practice of Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics in Bowling Green, Kentucky for one and one-half years, he was drafted into the United States Army, receiving the Reserve Commission of Captain in the Medical Corps on January 15, 1966. Following graduation from the Army Medical Services Officers Basic Course (Diploma, March 5, 1966) at the Medical Field Service School, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, he was assigned to the 18th Surgical Hospital (MA), then located at Fort Gordon, Georgia (March 14, 1966 to June 16, 1966).

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Audio Files

Hear the actual audio messages (below) recorded for radio broadcast by Dr. Jerry Martin from Vietnam at the 18th Surgical Hospital in 1966 and 1967. These were sent back to his hometown in Bowling Green, KY and broadcast on a local radio station to keep the country informed to what was going on in the war and were followed very closely by listeners. They provide very poignant, historic insights for today’s listeners adding another dimension to this fascinating story as told in Dr. Martin’s book, Soldiers Saving Soldiers.

Captain Wayne Hoskins audio

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 1

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 2

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 3

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 4

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 5

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 6

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 7

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 8

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 9

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 10

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 11

Dr. Jerry Martin Track 12

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.

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