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Hermann, Missouri One of the Prettiest Towns in America

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Military History books by Acclaim Press

As You Were: Memoirs Of World War II
ISBN: 0-9790025-7-1

As You Were - Memoirs of World War IIBy William M. Craighead & Kingdon W. Swayne

In the 1930's, the strong sentiment in America was very isolationist. There was an ocean between the United States and the war in Europe and another ocean between America and the Japanese advance into China and the Far East. Most Americans had decided that their country should stay out of any foreign entanglements and remain at peace. But then came the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Imperial Navy on December 7, 1941, and the country immediately began to mobilize. Young men and women enlisted or were drafted. From 1941 to 1945, the country sent its young people to fight on three fronts: in Africa, on the continent of Europe, and across the South Pacific.

These men and women have been called "the greatest generation." This is appropriate, since never before had this country been involved in such a worldwide confrontation that called upon everyone to make such extreme sacrifices. These young men and women went to war across the oceans and on the home front. They did it because there was a job to do, and they knew they had to do it. Here are 65 stories of these individuals and what they did. Their own words speak for them. We have only recorded it.

About the Authors

William M. Craighead graduated from George School, a Quaker preparatory school in Newton, Pennsylvania in 1944. He was drafted on March 11, 1944, and chose to serve in the Navy. He obtained an A.B. degree under the G.I. Bill from Lebanon Valley College in 1952, and an M.S. in Zoology from Pennsylvania State University in 1965. Craighead taught biology at George School for fifteen years. He also worked for more than 10 years with State and Federal agencies, developing effluent standards for industry and water quality standards for the Delaware River Basin.

Kingdon W. Swayne graduated from George School, a Quaker Preparatory School in Newton, Pennsylvania in 1937, and from Harvard in 1941. He was drafted and went to Europe as a second Lieutenant, serving in five countries, France, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Luxembourg, including the "Battle of the Bulge," earning a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.  In 1946 he became a career diplomat serving in Canada, England, China, Japan, and Burma.

6" x 9" hardcover with full-color dust jacket
200 pages

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