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Hermann, Missouri One of the Prettiest Towns in America

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Civil War books by Acclaim Press

Rebel Grey: Poems of Confederate History
ISBN: 9781938905711

Rebel Grey:  Poems of Confederate History tells through the lyricism of poetry the rich history of courage, passion and strength that are the heritage of the Confederacy.  This collection of original poetry depicts some of the forgotten Confederate battles and heroes, such as the imaginative Colonel Richard Thomas Zarvona and the horrific Battle of the Crater, as well as the famous Stonewall Jackson and the battle incorrectly known as the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack.  These poems and many more included in this book appeal to both young and old by captivating the imagination and painting a living picture of history within one’s mind.

About the Author

Zelma Kay Halemeyer resides in rural Golden Eagle, Illinois, where her paternal family has lived for four generations.  In the peaceful atmosphere that is her home, she treasures God’s every day wonders, from which she finds joy and inspiration.

Zelma’s maternal family is steeped with a rich history of Confederate heritage.  Her Southern ancestry drove her to read accounts of Confederate history, thus inspiring asympathy for the often misunderstood Confederacy.  Through her research, she was moved to write her vision of Confederate history.  Thus, her first book was completed, Rebel Grey:Poems of Confederate History.

Zelma graduated with honors from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music.  She has always had a strong interest in the arts and is an avid reader of history.

Reviews for Rebel Grey

The Lone Star Book Review Published by Disabled Americans 46,798 + Readers Worldwide

September 2015


“WOW!” Rating- a book that far exceeds the current expectations of thereader. Publishers should always be striving for complete and total customersatisfaction. These are the required goals to be satisfied by any companycompeting in today’s global marketplace. (5 Star Rating)

“EXCELLENT” Rating- a book that meets all of the current expectations of thereader. (4 Star Rating)

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Schiffer Publishing
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, Pa. 19310
Phone: 1-(601) 593-1777

Rebel Grey: Poems of Confederate History, Hardcover, $19.95, “WOW! +” Rated.

We have all seen Confederate poems by 19th Century Father Ryan and Dr. Frances Ouray Ticknor. Now I would like to introduce you to some new Confederate Poems that are just as good as Father Ryan’s and Dr. Ticknor’s. Rebel Grey: Poems of Confederate History has brought in a fresh breeze of Southern poems that will cause you to ponder the great loss of the Southern Cause. The book is very attractive and the gold lettering and Confederate color bearer brings a real touch of class. I strongly urge you to obtain a copy for your library as it will give you many hours of reading pleasure. You will have some new poems to read at your local Confederate Memorial Day ceremony.  This is a ‘must have’ book for your Confederate library. You’re going to like this book; I guarantee!!

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