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Military History books by Acclaim Press

Butcher Burbridge: Union General Stephen Burbridge and His Reign of Terror Over Kentucky
ISBN: 0-9798802-5-4

Butcher BurbridgeBy Brian S. Bush

How could a man with such a meteoric rise to Major General - praised by Sherman after the battles at Arkansas Post and Vicksburg, and Lincoln himself for his defeat of General John Hunt Morgan – be the recipient of such intense hatred as military commander in Kentucky?

Could it have been arming slaves in a neutral state or issuing the infamous Order 59 to execute four Confederate soldiers for each Yankee death by guerillas? Perhaps it was his unquestioned confiscation of property from anyone accused of having Confederate sympathies or simply because of his presiding over a state that experienced martial law and the suspension of Constitutional rights and habeas corpus.

Discover the answers to such tough and provocative questions in Bush’s thorough and heavily researched work, Butcher Burbridge. See how these tumultuous events still shape our political landscape today.

About the Author
Bryan S. Bush was born in 1966 in Louisville, KY and has been a native of that city ever since. He graduated with honors from Murray State University with degrees in History and Psychology.

Bryan has always had a passion for history, especially the Civil War. He has been a member of many different Civil War historical preservation societies, has consulted for movie companies and other authors, coordinated with other museums on displays of various museum articles and artifacts, has written for magazines, including Kentucky Civil War Magazine North/South Trader, worked for many different historical sites, and has always fought hard to maintain and preserve Civil War history in the Western Theatre. Bryan’s most recent books are Lloyd Tilghman: Confederate General in the Western Theatre and Lincoln and the Speeds.

Bryan has been a Civil War re-enactor for eight years, portraying an artillerist. For five years Bryan was on the Board of Directors and curator for the Old Bardstown Civil War Museum and Village: The Battles of the Western Theatre Museum in Bardstown, KY. For the last three years Bryan has been co-chairman for the Battle of Corydon.

6" x 9" hardcover with color dust jacket
208 pages, including illustrations, references and index

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