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City & County History books by Acclaim Press

Spirits of Wickland Mansion
ISBN: 978-1-938905-79-7
Visitors to historic Wickland Mansion in Bardstown, Kentucky are impressed by the striking beauty and stately elegance of this family estate. Built between 1825-28 and home to three state governors, it is considered one of the best remaining examples of Georgian-style architecture in the state and an important tourist destination.

Although no one has lived at Wickland for nearly 20 years, it still serves as home to resident spirits who have been drawn back to visit this magical place. Although members of the Wickliffe family, who originally lived in the residence, still frequent the grounds, two of their slaves from the 1860s are more commonly heard, plus other spirits just passing through.

Led by historian Dixie Hibbs with the help of twin mediums, special tours have been given since 2009 to converse with Wickland’s resident spirits and learn about 19th century life, and insights into the afterlife.

Spirits of Wickland Mansion is a permanent record of these guided tours from 2009-2013, transcribed from audio and handwritten notes of the conversations between the living and those now passed on.

This 6x9-inch, hardbound edition will include 264 pages with a full-color dust jacket — the only permanent record available of the conversations held at Wickland Mansion with those who have left this life!


Dixie Hibbs is a native Kentuckian, born in 1942 to native Kentuckians. She was married for 52 years to the same man. He died in 2011. When she became an author, he was her chief editor.
She was the first woman elected to the Bardstown City Council in 1982 and the first woman Mayor in 2003. She retired in 2007 from public service after 23 years in office.

Her family has been very active in historic preservation. They were involved in the renovation and restoration of 15 local buildings. She has been honored to serve as President of the Nelson County Historical Society for more than 20 years.

She also works for The Friends of Wickland, a local non-profit that operates Wickland, the 1826 home of three governors in Bardstown, as manager of this house.
She is a mother of three, grandmother of five grandsons, and great-grandmother of nine, girls and boys. She is constantly force-feeding them historical facts.

Since 1988, she has written 14 local and regional history books. Several of these have multiple printings. She loves the research and is called upon often to help in historical searches.

Dixie continues to share her love for her community by working with tourism and travel writers. She loves to speak to public groups and guide tour buses, and always welcomes the opportunity to speak to students.

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