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Bell Bottoms to Gucci
ISBN: 978-1-948901-18-5

Book Details

Author: Ellen Everman
Hardcover: 234 pages
Product Dimensions: 6” x 9”
Retail Price: $24.95

The first 250 copies sold will be a special Collectors’ Edition individually numbered and personally autographed by the author Ellen Everman.

Book Description

If you’ve ever wished you could re-live or go back in time and experience the colorful, music-powered, psychedelic 1960s and 70s, this novel is for you. Bell Bottoms to Gucci drops you into the year 1964 when the first protests of that era are born-campus takeovers, billy-clubbing, students being dragged into police vans, etc. Patti’s boyfriend, David, a student at UC Berkeley—inspired by the real kingpin of protests in those days—takes Patti under his wing and grooms her for the stereotypical role of hippie campus protester. “Hell No, We Won’t Go!” echoes her true feelings about the Vietnam War during her college years. But after three assassinations and the Kent State shootings, Patti wears down and eventually admits her revulsion of the protests themselves. Upon graduation she returns home and grabs the gusto of a different life when she enters the “yuppie” corporate environment. From The Plaza in NYC to corporate boardrooms to the Fifth Avenue pied-a-terre of a wealthy descendant of Dutch patroons, Patti navigates a world of deception, greed, high stakes and power players. Now out of sync with her previous “love and peace” persona and her beloved David, a descent into this darker world ensues. What she doesn’t know is that her past relationships with conspiratorial figures involved in the Kennedy assassination are about to catch up with her in a life and death situation.

Nothing less than an ode to baby boomers, Bell Bottoms to Gucci is likely to become the sine qua non hippie-to-yuppie transformation novel … one that examines both sides of the political fence with startling insight from an intuitive personal perspective … colored with references to the genius music that made those tumultuous decades as bright and shining as the ideals of love and peace themselves.


Ellen Everman is the author of Pink Dice, a novel set in the 1950s. She teaches creative writing at Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center in Covington, Kentucky, and is former Editor of Arts Across Kentucky magazine. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Ellen is a free-lance writer and author of short stories and poetry. Her life revolves around writing, history, literature, music, dancing, painting, friends and family. She was thirteen when the first protests of the sixties and seventies began and can be found on Facebook posting about this turbulent period of American history, which she considers the most exciting, complex and idealistic years of her life. In her early twenties, she spoke with Alice Roosevelt Longworth many times through the circumstance of knowing a Cincinnati Longworth relative, connecting her heart to the beautiful city of Cincinnati and the noblesse oblige history of the Roosevelts


“Bell Bottoms to Gucci takes the reader … back to one of the most exciting periods of recent American history: the 1960s-1970s. The novel successfully evokes that era's zeitgeist … within the context of an adrenalized thriller plot. The book will have great appeal to all who are fascinated with the wild creativity, rebellious politics, and dramatic events characteristic of the 60s and 70s American culture.”
~ Richard Dietrich Maddox, Author of Remembering Eternity

“A smooth, compelling read of significant social impact spanning two decades of conflict, change and conscience. … In a distinctly lyrical voice, the author weaves this riveting tableau of intellect, history, adventure, and uncanny insight. The protagonist takes readers through the 1960s beginning an odyssey of love and confrontation in Berkeley, Calif., to success and intrigue in NYC and the edgy visit to Beverly Hills Supper Club in old mafia-haven Newport, Ky. Perfect reading companion, especially for those who lived during this era.”
~Terry Armor, Former Journalist and Winner of the “Headliner Award” from the National Press Club

Bell Bottoms to Gucci is a brilliant and intimate perspective of American protest during a period of social change; changes that transformed American culture and policy.  As we approach the 55th anniversary of Freedom Summer, this book is a compelling reflection of cultural shifts allowing us to pause and think about current forms of protest and their lineage with the protests of the Sixties and Seventies...”
~ Christopher Miller, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

“Having been a participating witness from the last half of the 1960s to the early 1970s during the counterculture revolution, I can assure you that Ms. Everman has hit upon and understands the zeitgeist of that tumultuous period of American history and beyond. A lyrical masterpiece, it is a reminder of our better selves and a call to action.”
~ Geoffrey "The Captain" Nimmo, underground radio personality, formerly at WEBN-FM Cincinnati, WQXI-FM Atlanta, KSNO Aspen Colorado, and WPLJ-FM New York.

“What a great read! Vietnam protests, the Kent State fiasco, and government cover-ups regarding the Vietnam escalation with no hope of winning resonated in my memory. I feel sure it will resonate with those who lived during that epoch and also the younger generations who would prefer a more personal and up-close study of history during those turbulent yet exciting years.”
~ Jack Moreland, President of Southbank Partners, Newport, Kentucky

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.

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