Curtis Copeland

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is lifelong resident of the Ozarks. He graduated from Missouri State University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree inCartographic Sciences, and has been the Geographic Information Systems Manager for the City of Branson for the past twenty-five years. Curtis has been an Ozarks history enthusiast all of his life, and is currently a member of several Ozarks regional historical societies.

In 2017, Curtis assisted in the reviving of The Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters, an organization originally formed in 1932 for the purpose of preserving Ozarks history, folklore, culture, and conservation of its natural environment.

Over the years, Curtis has written articles for OzarksWatch magazine, the White River Valley Historical Journal, and has co-authored a book on the Ozarks Hillbilly.

Curtis and his wife Crystal have two boys—Coulter, 6 and Sebastian, 14—and a daughter, Olivia, 20. They enjoy the Ozarksoutdoors as a family at every possible opportunity.


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