Photographs by Bob Willcutt

Author Bio


Bob Willcutt has always had an interest and respect for all types of art, especially photography. In the 1960s, he was the photo editor for his high school newspaper (Woodrow Wilson High in Washington, DC), and learned to shoot with film as well as mastering darkroom development techniques. Living in the nation’s capital exposed him to the best art museums and a level of expected expertise in all endeavors.

He came to Kentucky in 1966 to attend the University of Kentucky, and although he still did some photography, his time was spent on scholastic and musical pursuits. When he started his own business in 1968 and expanded to a full store in 1979, naming it Willcutt Guitars, he was always attracted to the art aspect of guitars. When he began his website,, in 1998, he was finally able to use his photographic background to provide excellent representations of the world’s finest instruments. This taught him the techniques and the proper selection and uses of the equipment needed to produce quality images on a daily basis. 

Bob has published four pictorial books, his first book Feathers of Fayette; Wild Birds of Lexington, Kentucky was published in 2018, Henry Clay’s Ashland, A Pictorial Tribute to one of America’s Greatest Statesmen and his Lexington, Kentucky Estate was published in 2019 , Waveland’s Treasures 50th Anniversary of Waveland State Historic Site, published in 2021 and Ward Hall: Kentucky’s Greek Revival Masterpiece,  published in 2023.


Feathers of Fayette
Price: $39.95
Henry Clay’s Ashland
Price: $39.95
Ward Hall: Kentucky’s Greek Revival Masterpiece
Price: $49.95
Waveland’s Treasures 50th Anniversary of Waveland State Historic Site
Price: $39.95

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