Ellen Everman

Author Bio


Ellen Everman is the author of Pink Dice, a novel set in the 1950s. She teaches creative writing at Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center in Covington, Kentucky, and is former Editor of Arts Across Kentucky magazine. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Ellen is a free-lance writer and author of short stories and poetry. Her life revolves around writing, history, literature, music, dancing, painting, friends and family. She was thirteen when the first protests of the sixties and seventies began and can be found on Facebook posting about this turbulent period of American history, which she considers the most exciting, complex and idealistic years of her life. In her early twenties, she spoke with Alice Roosevelt Longworth many times through the circumstance of knowing a Cincinnati Longworth relative, connecting her heart to the beautiful city of Cincinnati and the noblesse oblige history of the Roosevelts


Bell Bottoms to Gucci
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Pink Dice-Soft cover
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