Jerry W. Pitstick

Author Bio


Jerry W. Pitstick has been a lifelong gun collector interested in antique pistols, sport shooting, and hunting, as well as history in general. A member of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association, Colt Collectors Association, The Remington Society of America, and the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association, he has enjoyed exhibiting his gun collection in competition at display shows and has won several important awards. Researching and writing the history of identified Civil War and Win-the-West pistols and revolvers has been Jerry’s main interest since 1998.

An avid exhibitor, Jerry has also written articles on historic guns for several magazines including Man at Arms Magazine, Blue and Gray Magazine, The Gun Report, The Smith & Wesson Collector’s Journal, Civil War Historian, North South Traders Civil War, The Remington Society of America Magazine, and The Rampant Colt.

He and his wife, Sharon, live in Columbus, Ohio.


Guts, Glory, and Gunsmoke Tracing the Lineage of Antique Firearms
Price: $24.95

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