Bill Luxon

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Bill Luxon’s affection for music began early when he left the junior varsity football team, joined the high school band, and was chosen to be the drum major for the marching band. After one year, he was awarded the coveted first-chair trumpet position and held that honor through the next three years of high school. During his junior year, he joined a local start-up rock and pop band—later known as Exile—with whom he spent the next twelve unforgettable years.

In those twelve years, Billy traveled hundreds of thousands of miles from coast to coast and border to border as he as his band mates struggled to reach to top levels of success in the music business. Billy is semi-retired after a long career in foodservice, both as an independent owner/operator and as a corporate food service marketing director and trainer. He now lives where it all began—in Richmond, Kentucky—with his wife, Jo, and is the very proud father of three children.


Exiled: The Climax and Surrender of Jimmy Stokley
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