Exiled: The Climax and Surrender of Jimmy Stokley

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By 1968, The Exiles had become a fixture on Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars and a favorite touring band in nightclubs ranging from their native Richmond, Ky, to New York City, plus hundreds of other venues across the country. Center stage was Jimmy Stokley, whose magnetic personality and wild, charismatic stage persona fueled not only the music, but also the libidos of girls in attendance.

Exiled—the climax and surrender of Jimmy Stokley describes the group’s climb from local garage band, to professional musicians grinding out mostly one-nighters for over a decade, and finally to success and gold records at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. The book also details the pitfalls of life on the road, where sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll wasn’t just a catchphrase—it was a lifestyle.

Written by founding member Bill Luxon, Exiled details the cast of characters in the band’s rise up the charts, plus Stokley’s heart-wrenching fall from the fame he desperately desired and so richly deserved.

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About The Author

Bill Luxon  Bill Luxon’s affection for music began early when he left the junior varsity football team, joined the high school band, and was chosen to be the drum major for the marching band. After one year, he was awarded the coveted first-chair trumpet position and held that honor through the next three years of high school. During his junior year, he joined a local start-up rock and pop band—later known as Exile—with whom he spent the next twelve unforgettable years. In those twelve years, Billy traveled hun Learn More about Bill Luxon

“Jimmy (Stokley) asked me to join the band in 1967 and, soon after, I turned 18 in New York City between Greenwich Village and the Bowery. “I just read my old friend and bandmate’s book, Exiled—The Climax and Surrender of Jimmy Stokley. Bill Luxon has hooked it! He has written a great book that is well-written, detailed, and accurate about The Exiles (and Exile). I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.”

-—Bernie Faulkner, member of e Exiles, 1966-1973

“Bill has written a fascinating account of his time as a member of Exile. He was one of the founding members of the group, and he played on the band’s early singles and classic rock albums before co-founding the successful J. Sutter’s Mill club in Richmond, KY. Billy vividly conveys his memories as a trumpeter and background vocalist for Exile from 1963-1975, and his story is valuable for anyone who is interested in rock ‘n’ roll, the entertainment industry, or music in Kentucky.”

-—Randy Westbrook, Arts Administrator, Musician, and Author

“Bill Luxon sets the scene of young men beginning their adult lives and music careers in Richmond, Kentucky through vivid storytelling and an engaging timeline. is book provides a perfect representation of musicians such as Jimmy Stokely who provided not only music for the times, but was a personality that will not soon be forgotten.”

-—John Lovell, Madison County historian

“As Bill Luxon details in his fascinating book, Exiled—The Climax and Surrender of Jimmy Stokley, Jimmy and I spoke every week when ‘Kiss You All Over’ was released in 1978 as he was anxious to see what Kal Rudman, the music industry’s tracking prognosticator for radio station play, posted about Exile and their new release in his weekly revered newsletter. Over the years, I saw the group many times including their performances at L’Enfant Plaza in Washington, DC and on the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tour. I have stayed in touch with these fellows throughout and certainly miss the friendship with my good friend, Jimmy Stokley.”

-—Jim Jordan, Program Director WVLK Radio, Lexington, KY (retired)

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