Jean Butler Newman

Author Bio

Jean Butler Newman was born in Jackson, Tennessee, in 1931 to two loving parents, Clyde R. and Leora T. Butler. She had one brother, Carlton, two sisters, Ann and Lucy. All four of them went to Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.

While still in junior high, she began to develop a life-long love and aptitude for art. Painting came naturally to her as did wood carving in her later years. Today her home features a wonderful collection of exquisite carvings and paintings.

As her skill in art developed, she has also illustrated three children’s books: Gingko Tree, Long and Short of It, and How Much is 12?

She has written numerous articles for various periodicals through the years, leading up to this full-length book, her first. As if preparatory for this work, she had always found great joy helping edit Barclay’s correspondence throughout his career and her own part in reviewing the Contemporary English Version translation of the Bible. She graciously proclaims of her work, “GOD has been good, indeed!


Born to Translate – The Life and Works of Barclay Moon Newman, Jr.
Price: $29.95

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