Afghan Command

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IN AFGHAN COMMAND, BGen Steven Bullard (Ret.) shares his daily journal written during his deployment as the NATO/International Security Assistance Force commander at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan, from September 2006-March 2007.

BGen Bullard describes the challenges of leader-ship in a military coalition environment where the long-term intent was assumed, but never truly clear. Working with Afghan nationals plus military personnel and civilian contractors from eleven different nations, Bullard’s role could be described as a combination of logistics management and interpersonal relations, not to mention the over-sight of a multi-million dollar facility, machines and equipment, and hundreds of personnel.

Written during his first “wartime” deployment command, then Col. Bullard was in charge of the busy Kandahar Air Field including everything from flight operations, fuel management, construction and maintenance of the facilities and runways, plus managing conflicts between ISAF military service branches and civilians from across the globe, all while enduring the heat, sand storms, and insurgent rocket attacks on an almost daily basis.

Originally written to be a source of remem-brance and reflection of what he calls a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”, Afghan Command presents an interesting account of military life on foreign soil at the height of the U.S. War in Afghanistan.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

Steven P. Bullard, Brigadier General (Ret.) Brigadier General (Ret.) Steven P. Bullard works with and advises the Governor, General Assembly, and the Kentucky Congressional Delegation on military matters in his position as Executive Director, Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs; and Commissioner of Kentucky’s State Council for the Military Interstate Chil-dren's Compact Commission. He strives to maximize the Commonwealth’s relationship with the Department of Defense, spur economic growth across the state, and improve the quality of life for service members, veterans, Learn More about Steven P. Bullard, Brigadier General (Ret.)

“Published journals rarely illuminate matters of historic national importance, but some do. Steve Bullard’s account of command of a critical airbase during a time of transition in the Afghan war is an intensely personal living history filled with unique insights. In superbly readable daily vignettes, he shares a vivid picture of what it meant to lead American Airmen, alongside Afghan and coalition partners, four years into America’s longest conflict. This book is like “being there” – simply outstanding!”

-—LtGen (Ret.) Christopher Miller, USAF; former Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans & Programs (A8), Headquarters USAF

Brigadier General (Ret.) Steve Bullard is widely regarded for his intellect and leadership. Afghan Command, his journal of service in Afghanistan as NATO ISAF Senior Airfield Authority and Commander of the Air Force 451st Air Expeditionary Group, is an entertaining snapshot into one chapter of this man’s storied journey. As a veteran, these stories reminded me of the sights and smells of bustling bazaars, noisy airstrips, and chaotic motorpools. All audiences will find fascinating the tales of command-level leadership, international military operations, and Afghani people.”

-—Travis L. Martin, Ph.D., author of War and Homecoming: Veteran Identity and the Post-9/11 Generation; founding director of the Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies

“Steve Bullard’s chronicle of his time in Kandahar is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the daily happenings on a military deployment. The times of calm, the times of craziness, and even the times of fun, not to mention the times of the maddening military culture and bureaucracy. Steve’s daily ‘diary’ of his time as the airbase commander provides insight to it all.”

-—BG Jim Iacocca, U.S. Army, Retired; President and CEO, Knox Regional Development Alliance

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