Goat Poop – Reflections from the Last Section

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Recovered from the defunct pages of the West Point Association of Graduates Assembly magazine, Goat Poop – Reflections from the Last Section includes a collection of essays from career soldier and West Point graduate Freed Lowrey (’67).

More than just subtle observations from an old Soldier, Goat Poop provides hilarious, often “tongue-in-cheek” essays on military life—and the human condition—that readers from all backgrounds will appreciate.

Lowrey opines on a range of commonplace topics—from fishing and yard sales, to marriage and bachelorhood—with tales of military life and his beloved West Point sprinkled in for good measure, along with a touching tribute to our heroes in uniform.

Abundant in humor, with a plethora of big words, Goat Poop is a wonderful addition to every library, admonishing us all to keep in step, and Beat Navy!

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

W.Freed Lowrey

Freed Lowrey graduated from West Point in 1967 and was commissioned in the Infantry. He spent the next twenty-three years on active duty, with combat assignments in Vietnam and troop and staff assignments at various posts in the Continental United States, as well as Alaska and Germany, and exchange assignments in Australia and Finland. After retiring from active duty, he spent seven years teaching Junior ROTC in Hampton, Virginia.

Freed hung up his military Learn More about W.Freed Lowrey

“Countless personal stories have been penned about the US Army and its flagship military Academy, West Point. The breadth of the storytelling is limitless; it touches national heroes (Grant, Eisenhower) and national villains (Benedict Arnold); tragedy (Vietnam) and humor (Bob Hope, Adrian Cronauer); myth (Custer) and inspiration (Medal of Honor recipients). Veterans’ storytelling is legendary, and one of the very best has been LTC (Ret) Freed Lowrey. His numerous short essays beginning in the 1990s were originally published in West Point alumni magazines; but with Goat Poop, readers from every walk of life can now savor the humorous, side-splitting tales that have enriched Army and West Point gatherings for years. But don’t be misled: this is more than a collection of humorous insights. Lowrey’s devotion to those who have served comes across powerfully as he also offers moving tributes to those where the title ‘hero’ seems totally inadequate.

“So, as Lowrey frequently intones when starting one of his essays, ‘pop the top off of a long neck, relax in your Barcalounger, and enjoy!’ Enjoy indeed this ingeniously crafted collection of Army, West Point, and American stories by the superb humorist and essayist that is Colonel Freed Lowrey — an author whose proudest boast is that he was an American Soldier.”

-Lieutenant General Daniel W. Christman, Retired 55th Superintendent, United States Military Academy

“At first glance, Freed Lowrey’s Goat Poop would appear to be a collection of essays intended mainly for those who have endured the military service-related experiences described in the book. However, just like everything else about Freed Lowrey, looks can be deceiving. Goat Poop is about life…all of life:  the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and tribulations, the unforgettable characters one encounters on life’s journey. Lowrey combines his finely-tuned observational skills with his wicked sense of humor in a volume that will make you laugh out loud…and swell with emotion…as he takes us on a journey that reminds us all of what is truly important in life.”

-Brigadier General Daniel J. Kaufman (Retired) Dean of the Academic Board and Chief Academic Officer, United States Military Academy 2000-2005 Charter President, Georgia Gwinnett College 2005-2013

“For those who didn’t serve in uniform, Freed Lowrey’s pungent observations of military life are a revelation. His essays are penetratingly hilarious, heartbreaking, and everything in-between. Those who did serve will be transported to days that were a mixture of tedium and terror and left all of us with an indelible tattoo on our memories. In either case, you must read this book.”

-Colonel Jack Jacobs (Retired), Medal of Honor recipient Author, “If Not Now, When? Duty and Sacrifice in America’s Time of Need” Senior Fellow, Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy Military News Analyst, the NBC News networks

“Willis Freed Lowrey is a humorist, along the lines of Garrison Keillor and Patrick F. McManus, even sharing their displeasures. Keillor once opined, “Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in Nature has a purpose.” Freed attests to that assessment. McManus could not have described so succinctly the heretical betrayal of acceptable reactions to losing the BIG ONE, as Freed hears from his wife, ‘oh, it’s off now’.

“I stick with this comparison as I follow Freed’s creation of his continuing setting, where every post (to include West Point) becomes his version of Lake Wobegon. Freed’s unnamed cast aids and abets the misfortune that always falls short of discouraging the pride and purpose of this unapologetic patriot. As Keillor might have said, “It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars.”

“The balance of misfortune and scars versus pride and purpose is revealed in the final chapters of the collection where in-depth historical tributes contrast with the observed present day. Pride and purpose by a landslide.

“This collection will be enjoyed by audiences with no connection to the Army or West Point. Humorists touch our joys and frustrations no matter if you’ve never been to Lake Wobegon.”

-Major General Mark Hamilton (Retired) President Emeritus, University of Alaska

“In the annals of West Point, few people know its history, lore, and foibles better than Freed Lowrey, West Point Class of 1967. To start reading Goat Poop is to begin a mostly mirthful journey laughing at a unique form of humor best taken in small doses so it lasts longer, the mirth seasoned with deeply moving essays honoring Veteran’s Day and Soldiers. Freed’s ability to write well and bring to life subjects unknown to a reader, immersing them in all things patriotic, West Point, and Army is unmatched. From a military family and with a 23-year Army career that included two tours in Vietnam leading American Soldiers in combat, Freed lives and breathes West Point. So, if you’re looking for a treat, consider treating yourself to Goat Poop.”

-Richard Barlow Adams, West Point Class of 1967, author of “The Parting: A Story of West Point on the Eve of the Civil War” and “Eben Kruge: How ‘A Christmas Carol’ Came to be Written”

“To read Freed Lowrey’s Goat Poop is, at times, to read a work from the pen of Dave Barry…IF that famous American humorist had endured four years at West Point and a 23-year Army career. Lowrey’s Goat Poop is a uniquely hilarious account of life as a West Point cadet and service in Army green. But it is also a work that poignantly captures the author’s admiration and love for the American Solider. It should be in the library of every military veteran, for in its pages, they will re-experience the spectrum of military comradery…from side-splitting laughter to the memory of deep friendships formed in harrowing situations. It is the perfect gift for all who have served…and their spouses. 5-Stars!”

-Mike Mullane, USMA ’67, NASA Astronaut, author of “Riding Rockets, The outrageous tales of a space shuttle astronaut”

“A fascinating series of essays capturing the essence of Freed’s experiences at West Point and in Army life. Written from his heart and soul, his storytelling is unbranded, refreshing, and enticing, landing the hook to read on to the end. His choice of words is often hilarious, ‘literary stool specimens’, as well as inspirational. A must read for graduates of West Point and those serving or who have served in the military.”

-Richard W. Enners, author of “Heart of Gray”

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