Leaving the Homeplace

Tales Beyond the Levee

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In Leaving the Home Place—Tales Beyond the Levee, author Mary Sue “Shy” Anton narrates her life story that began in the tiny Mississippi River town of New Madrid, Missouri.

Mary Sue (Shy), the third of ten children, was born in a tenant house during the Great Depression and later moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where she met the love of her life, David Anton. Together they had many adventures across the country before settling in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, where David set up shop as a family physician and they would raise three children.

Now in her nineties, Mary Sue looks back on a life well-lived, reflecting on her early years in small town America in the 1930s, through World War II and Korea, the turbulent Sixties, the Space Age, to the twenty-first century, surviving The Great Flood of 1937 and five hurricanes during that time.

At its core, Leaving the Home Place is one woman’s story of growing up, moving out, and raising a family, and readers of all ages will appreciate the light-hearted stories that reflect Mary Sue’s steadfast faith in God and never failing love of family.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

Mary Sue (Shy) Anton  Mary Sue (Shy) Anton was born on a dairy farm near the Mississippi River during the Great Depression. One of her most vivid childhood memories is the 1937 flood, when her family evacuated in the middle of the night and lived in the local courthouse for several weeks. At age twenty-five, after leaving the home place to seek her fortune elsewhere, she met Arthur David Anton, recently discharged from the Air Force.  After their marriage, she put her husband through school, working as a secretary with a secret clearance at a Learn More about Mary Sue (Shy) Anton

“Mary Sue Anton has lived many lives, a childhood in a small Missouri town, a life lived fully through the Great Depression, World War II, the placid mid-century, the explosive events of the ‘60s, then into the space age, living next door to NASA, and now, still going very strong in the 21st century, she has written a tender, often funny, often moving account of her faceted and engaged life. Sit down and have a cuppa with Mary Sue; you will be glad you did.”

-—Lee Shallat Chemel, award winning television director and producer

“An inspiring memoir—a sort of Far From The Maddening Crowd—situated in the small towns of New Madrid, Missouri and Seabrook, Texas, telling of rural life, religious devotion, love, marriage, a medical practice, and most of all, family. The author and her family work their way through the Great Depression and then, the post-World War II era. Her principles, solidly rooted in an agrarian family, guide her into a life shaped by education and her husband’s medical practice. This journey demonstrates why the people of America’s heartland are so reliable.”

-—H. Riley Bock, country lawyer, author, and Trustee of the State Historical Society of Missouri

“Anyone interested in history—described by someone who actually lived it—will thoroughly enjoy this personal and compelling collection of stories and people. The characters spring to life under Mary Sue Anton’s pen as she carries us through an authentic experience of the memorable events of her time.”

-—Albert W. Holland, Ph.D., Senior Operational Psychologist, NASA Johnson Space Center

“With her latest book, it feels as though we are sitting with Mary Sue Anton at her kitchen table where she shares with great depth and detail many stories about family history that help us all understand the importance of our own.”

-—Dion McInnis, author, speaker, photographer

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Author: Mary Sue (Shy) Anton
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