Reflections of Missouri

Drawings and Watercolors by John Stoeckley

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Reflections of Missouri is a comprehensive collection of the pen, ink & watercolor works of art by noted Missouri artist, John Bolton Stoeckley. Spurred on by requests from many who collect John’s work, this book brings his artistic interpretation of  Missouri into one collection for the enjoyment of many.

The heritage of Missouri is captured in precise detail and vibrant watercolor, with images of historical buildings, old barns, covered bridges, mills, college and university buildings, riverboats, and natural landmarks throughout the state. In the spirit of the“Show Me State,” John has brought together not only the tranquility and history of the rural countryside but the grandiose architecture of the states’ cities and towns. The body of work selected for this book reflects the evolution of his work over the last twenty years. This collection truly shows the reader the history of Missouri, as well as providing accurate and interesting commentary for the images. John’s artistic mastery is apparent in each drawing and is a credit to each site he captures in his drawings.

The book also provides a wonderful travel log for those who want to discover the rich historical tapestry of Missouri. Further, it provides a means to relive days gone by for those nostalgic for faded memories of their childhood, when families took that long-awaited summer vacation by car. The book also offers a sound history lesson of the evolution of the state through the commentary as well as the visual.

The book is divided into six regions of the state, capturing the notable historic sites of each area, across all seasons of the year. These regions are the St. Louis Region,the Northeast Region, the Southeast Region, the Central Region, the Lakes Region and the Kansas City Region.

It is John’s sincere wish that all who find themselves in possession of this book wild is cover the beauty and intrigue of Missouri through his works, and will seek out these locations for themselves. John has done the research and created the image on paper. Now all the reader needs to do is make history come alive with a little imagination and some good background on which to build the thought.

John Stoeckley’s appreciation for Missouri has helped both residents and visitors see more clearly the transcendent beauty of nature and the works of mankind throughout the state. Little known landmarks have been captured forever by John, even as they might fall into decay where they stood. John’s work is from his heart, and his heart is close to Missouri and its beauties. This book is much more than a collection of art. It is an important record of the wonders of a sometimes-overlooked state, full of beauty and stories available to those who take the time to look.John Stoeckley has taken that time. – Harry Weber, Sculptor, Wright City,Missouri

John has prepared pen and ink drawings, traveling the length and breadth of Missouri capturing important public buildings, schools, churches, residences, and statues. He is forming a massive body of work that documents our culture through its structures.

In this volume you will enjoy nearly two hundred of John’s drawings, covering the State of Missouri divided into six geographical regions. If you know Missouri, you will find familiar edifices and monuments to greet you. If you are unfamiliar with our state, you will leave with a greater appreciation of Missouri’s heritage as captured by one of our leading artists, John Stoeckley of Louisiana, Missouri.– Henry H. Sweets III, Curator, Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum, Hannibal, Missouri.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.

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Author: John Stoeckley
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