Road Trip Eats

101 Ya Gotta Eat Here Places Across Kentucky with Recipes

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Road Trip Eats screamed to be written. As a follow-up to Eating Your Way Across Kentucky, which became a best seller in 2007, author Gary P. West now thought the time was right to expose Kentuckians across the state to another 101 places to eat. But this time several bonus recipes from the eats are also served up.

Road Trip Eats is a guide … something to get you started. This guide clues you into where good, simple food is served in out-of-the-way locations from one end of Kentucky to the other.

The most age-old question asked is, “Where are we gonna eat tonight?”

Road Trip Eats takes the guesswork out of it.

It is safe to say that no other Kentucky writer has been more prolific in turning out books about Kentucky over the last decade than Gary P. West and Road Trip Eats adds to the experience!

Gary doesn’t just take someone’s word about a restaurant … he visits them personally. “I want to see it and taste it myself,” says Gary. “How can I recommend it otherwise?”

Over the years Gary has developed a knack for digging out fascinating people, interesting places to visit, and unusually good places to eat. This book is no exception.

Gaining a feel for each community he visits is part of his formula for tying a book like this together. It is evident that Road Trip Eats is more than just the food, but equally about the Kentucky experience.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

Gary P. West  Gary P. West has simple criteria when it comes to writing books. “I only take on a project that I will enjoy writing about and I only write about something I think people will enjoy reading,” he says. West grew up in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and attended Western Kentucky University before graduating from the University of Kentucky in 1967 with a journalism degree. At U.K. he was a daily sports editor for the Kentucky Kernel. Throughout his extensive career he has served as executive director of the Hillt Learn More about Gary P. West

“Gary P. West is the modern-day Duncan Hines. Not only does he, like Hines, hail from Bowling Green, he has personally traveled the Commonwealth in search of Kentucky’s best dining establishments and presents them in his legendary well-written style. West is to Kentucky restaurants what Guy Fieri is to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

-Stephen M. Vest, editor and publisher of Kentucky Monthly

“No one in Kentucky knows more good places to eat than my friend, Gary West. Gary takes us beyond the chain restaurants to those great little places along the side streets and back roads that are often a secret to everyone but local folks. Gary’s been there! If your car has a library, keep this book within easy reach. Road Trip Eats takes you places where you’re still more than a number and the food’s so good you can’t wait to take your friends.”

-Byron Crawford, Kentucky Living Magazine

“How wonderful that in this fast food era we can still get filled up at unique eateries, but if you’re not a local you might just pass them by when traveling the main roads. Gary West, that wanna-be Duncan Hines, has intrepidly road tripped all over the Commonwealth sniffing out one-of-a-kind restaurants and diners. He should have a belly the size of a washtub, but instead, it’s only like a slightly deflated basketball.”

-Wes Berry, author of The Kentucky Barbecue Book

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