America From 500 Feet II

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In America From 500 Feet II you will travel along with Bill Fortney and Mark Kettenhofen as we rediscover the essential iconic America. From coast to coast, majestic mountains to desolate deserts, the unusual to the historically significant, you will once again fall in love with our country! Bill and Mark, world-class photographers, flew ultra light aircraft (powered parachutes) in more than fifty locations nationwide to vividly capture through top quality photos the unique and diverse beauty of America. In each exciting chapter you will learn the compelling story behind the full-color images while you smile, laugh, and cry as you are touched by the great stories that make up our American dream.

America is more than beautiful lands and bustling cities; it’s the story of how we became the great country we’ve become.  Throughout the book you will share our spirit of exploration, kindness, and sacrifice that is the essence of America. Come and join us on this unique and wondrous journey!

This large 12″ by 9″ hardbound coffee-table volume features hundreds of magnificent images that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
Mark Kettenhofen

Mark Kettenhofen discovered photography at 14-years-old. With more than 30-years experience behind the camera, he has never looked back with any doubt in his choice of making pictures for a living. His exploits include a 20-year tour in the US Navy as a photojournalist and naval aircrew man. As an avid adventure photographer, Mark’s photographic travels include documenting his 3-month bicycling journey across America, a two-week documentation of the Galapagos Islands and an expedition to Base Camp to celebrate 40th Anniversary of the first American Summit of Everest. Mark has documented numerous world events in his 30-years as a photographer – including the Gulf War, Hurricane Katrina, multiple Olympics, NASA shuttle launches, and Presidential Inaugurations. Mark has traveled the world lecturing, educating and photographing for Nikon for more than 8 years. He shares his love of life with his wife Veronica and their two boys Marcelo and Martin at their ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Book Details
Author: Bill Fortney
Photographer: Mark Kettenhofen
Pages: 208 pages
Product Dimensions: 12" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-935001-06-5
Cover Type: Hardcover
Case Quantity: 10

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