BOURBON: What the Educated Drinker Should Know

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Oaky and full-bodied, prized throughout the world but distinctly American, with deep roots in the Kentucky hills and hollers… Bourbon has continued to grow as the spirit of choice by alcohol lovers across the globe, but many drinkers have a limited understanding of how bourbon is made. While there may be a hundred books on the subject, few break down the science of bourbon in uncomplicated terms as this lavishly-illustrated book does.

A university professor for 50 years, Dr. Tim Berra has developed this authoritative guidebook on all things bourbon in a straightforward, easy to understand format. Berra answers the question “What is Bourbon?” in a style both beginners and aficionados will appreciate, distilling the basics of bourbon into refined sips that are easily consumed.

Now anyone can effortlessly become more informed by reading Bourbon: What the Educated Drinker Should Know and gain a better understanding of this All-American beverage. Knowledge enhances enjoyment!

Berra Knows Bourbon! Saturday September 10th @3:30PM

Tim Berra bourbon lecture at the Anna Maria Island Branch Library on 23 Jan. 2020


Interview from All sides with Ann Fisher on WOSU radio

Dr. Tim M. Berra Spectrum 1 TV, Columbus, OH TV interview by Reporter, Orie Givens


“When I first agreed to review [this book], I was skeptical…. What could a book for beginners tell me that I didn’t know?… Turns out it was a lot…[This] is a beautifully composed book…. I highly recommend this book. It is a must have for someone beginning their bourbon journey and would make a great gift. Those well into their bourbon journey will enjoy it as well.  Enjoyable read, absolutely worth the time and money.” Lee Stang, www.bourbonbanter . 5 Sept. 2019.

“Bourbon: What the Educated Drinker Should Know is a thorough summary of bourbon facts. It is a great reference volume. It is a perfect guide to the history and science behind this favorite drink. As a true academician, Tim Berra included a very detailed index. This book is an authoritative guidebook on all things bourbon written in a straight forward, easy to understand format. It answers the question “What is bourbon?” It has a helpful glossary of terms with beautiful full color photos, hundreds, to accompany them.”  All Sides with Ann Fisher, WOSU-NPR. 10 Sept. 2019.

American Whiskey Magazine review

See Review by Susan Reigler:

Reigler, Susan. 2021. Sippable Story Time.  American Whiskey, Issue 14 (September): 69-73.


“A concise, yet thorough summary of bourbon facts and history. Bourbon: What the Educated Drinker Should Know would certainly be the recommended text for Bourbon 101.”
— Susan Reigler, contributing writer, Bourbon+ and American Whiskey Magazine and co-author of The Bourbon Tasting Notebook

“Bourbon drinkers could not ask for a better guide to the history and science behind their favorite dram. Tim Berra’s experience as a college professor serves him — and us — well. Clearly, intelligently explained, ‘Bourbon’ is a great introduction to the category.”
— Clay Risen, author, American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Favorite Spirit and Single Malt: A Guide to the Whiskies of Scotland

“There are many books on the subject of Bourbon, but this one by Tim Berra should be everyone’s FIRST.”
—  Bernie Lubbers, Heaven Hill Distillery’s Whiskey Professor and author, Bourbon Whiskey: Our Native Spirit

Mansfield New Journal article

“The dedicated researcher came up with the idea for a new style of book…This is really two books in one… The front section contains the basics, sort of a ‘bourbon for beginners.’ The back part of the book is the ‘advanced course’…where [Berra] has included extra information that embellishes what is on the front pages.” Mansfield News Journal 26 May 2019.

Moonshine University-On Bourbon and Sharks

Food & Dining Column Susan Reigler

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

Dr. Tim M. Berra  received a PhD in biology from Tulane University and is academy professor and professor emeritus of evolution, ecology, and organismal biology at The Ohio State University. He is a three-time recipient of Fulbright Fellowships to Australia and the author of eight books and more than 85 scientific papers. He is an executive bourbon steward and a member of the Stave & Thief Society (the official bourbon education course of the Kentucky Distiller’s Association). Tim currently has about 150 whiskeys in his glass mena Learn More about Dr. Tim M. Berra

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