Ghosts, Spirits & Angels (see new softcover edition)

True Tales from Kentucky and Beyond

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Freese Has Done It Again!

This time with Ghosts, Spirits & Angels, presenting compelling true tales and eye-witness accounts from over 75 individuals with stories set in Kentucky, plus a dozen other states and two countries! This unique panorama of paranormal and spiritual incidences is laid out by ordinary folks who happen to live in haunted houses, come up to the edge of spiritual realities and are blest to encounter angels.

Ghosts, Spirits & Angels makes a dramatic statement in spreading the net wider than just ghostly tales to bring in true accounts of the simply amazing. Lives are forever changed by these encounters in such stories as a dead friend saving a would-be author from throwing away her first book manuscript, a Kentucky girl who grows up with a witch who married into their family, angel wings that caught a skier who fell off a cliff, and the arrival of a cash-filled envelope addressed by someone’s deceased mother postmarked after her death. There are also tales of shadow people from very haunted Waverly Hills TB Sanatorium, an account of Tennessee’s Bell Witch, a humorous tale of a family’s ghost cat, and the touching story of an angelic emergency responder, to name a few!

Nearly 150 stories in all, with 50 actual photos!

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.

Just about every ghost book contains recanted stories and legends gathered together and usually based on a certain theme or location. This book is different. But first off you need to know the kind of person Thomas Freese is. While I have not met him in person, I have exchanged emails with him and he strikes me as a kind person that’s as interested in helping people as he is in learning about ghosts, spirits and angels. He is a listener and a people person which you can tell by the large number of ghost stories related to him that he shares in this great book. This book has all kind of stories from the heart warming to the scary to the baffling. There are photos of locations and possible ghosts included. I can’t think of a better book to take on a camping trip this summer, perfect to read around the campfire. Or during a thunderstorm. And if you have a story of your own, Thomas has his web address listed where you can contact him and share it. If you are interested in the spirit world, have had your own encounter you are unsure of, or just want to read about the kinds of unexplainable events people have reported, get this book and you won’t be disappointed. 

-W.R. Bill Stockstill Jr.

A splendid collection of stories that will keep you reading way into the night — and that may not be a good thing if you’re one that jumps at every little sound! Written in a style that will keep you shivering! Great fun! Great tales! Well done! 

-Dinah Roseberry

Thomas Freese has graced us with some fascinating tales from the other side. Thomas is such a thoughtful person, and it shows in his writing — he takes personal time with all the people he interviews, and he has gathered some very interesting stories for this collection. If you read this book alone at night, expect every little sound in the house to get to you!

-Beth Wilder

Ghosts, Spirits, & Angels by Thomas Freese is the only collection I have seen that presents paranormal encounters in three separate categories. These are well-researched, true stories of real, normal people that illustrate the roles that ghosts, spirits, and angels play in our lives. There are many enriching photographs of haunted sites and unexplained phenomena caught on film. You will learn of haunted historic sites and public places (such as Waverly Hills, Ghosts of La Grange, Bell Witch Cave, etc.)that you can check out for yourselves. Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, you will be left wondering and entertained!

-Roberta M. Brown

This is a wonderful book. It provides background beyond the stories that makes the unbelievable all the more believable. Those who know Kentucky will be educated in a history not taught in schools. Readers from outside the state will recognize underlying patterns of experiences that are repeated throughout the world. And….everyone will enjoy a collection of thoroughly engaging storytelling. This is an excellent book for anyone who loves the supernatural and/or the bluegrass state!

-Robin C. Santa Teresa

For lovers of the paranormal and supernatural, this book contains what you often seek. It supports, through many people who have shared some of their personal “experiences,” the belief that other realms of being do exist. Ghosts, Spirits, & Angels takes you on a mystical journey. One account after another from mainstream individuals gives the reader pause to reflect on their own experiences, or to begin paying attention to “coincidences” in their lives that could be much more! The format, in short segments, is an easy read. Pick it up, turn to any page, and find an interesting story! Highly recommended.

-L. Barnes "PeaceDove"

This book was very well-written, by an expert storyteller. He let the stories stand in the words of the authors, rather than rewriting the stories. He did an excellent job, with plenty of documentation, photos, etc. I highly recommend this book to all. Whether you believe the stories or not, you are sure to enjoy this book. Who knows what is out there? Like someone once said, “There are more things between heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy!” This is a very down-to-earth well-researched book. A must own for any library!

-D. Cress "Alaskan Mama"

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