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A Professor's Journal

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Since 2005, readers of the Murray Ledger & Times have been privileged to enjoy the reflective insights of Professor Duane Bolin, a teacher, and historian at Murray State University in western Kentucky. These delightful essays recount themes well known to us all…memories of friends and family, thoughts of home and small town living, travel adventures both far and near, and school life both as a student and teacher. just to name a few. This weekly column, “Home and Away”, is also featured in the Danville Advocate-Messenger, Providence Journal-EnterpriseSebree Banner, and Winchester Sun. While these essays are based upon Bolin’s real-life experiences, readers will find comfort in how familiar the stories seem as they trigger thoughts of similar events and casually prompt deeper study on life and living. Home and Away: A Professor’s Journal brings together some of Bolin’s most favorite essays from over ten years of writing—may they provide encouragement and inspiration for many years to come.


Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.

“James Duane Bolin, in his work Home and Away: A Professor’s Journal, gives us a nostalgic look at the impactful experiences of his life spanning from his childhood through his day in the classroom as a college professor. His stories evoke a sense of gratitude for the events of the human experience, both intimate and casual, which weave the fabric of our existence and determine to a large degree our view of ourselves and how we fit into the world around us. His autobiographical glimpses are heartwarming and provocative, bringing the reader an enjoyable and reflective reminiscence of their own life’s journey.”

-Crit Luallen, past Kentucky Lieutenant Governor

“Dr. Bolin has the uncanny ability to weave small town histories, attributes, and traditions with current events. His insights, marked with a genteel writing style, are a joy to read and deliver a poignant message.”

-Dr. Robert O. Davies, President, Murray State University

“Like all truly gifted essayists, Bolin’s style is uniquely his. He speaks in his own voice. Yet, in common with the best essayists, he shares that rare capacity to tell a vivid, compelling story with very few, eloquent words. No reader will be unmoved by these remarkable essays. Readers will almost certainly take away new, deeper insights and renewed inspiration from Bolin’s luminous work.”

-Dr. Kenneth M. Startup, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Williams Baptist College

Home and Away: A Professor’s Journal provides readers with inspiring and compelling essays that capture the human experience. Dr. Bolin’s love of family, passion for teaching and learning, and historical observations come together perfectly in this volume. From his vivid accounts of his childhood in Dixon, Kentucky, to his global experiences in China and England, Dr. Bolin’s essays resonate with warmth and a deep love of life.”

-Dr. Bonnie Higginson, Regents Professor Emeritus, Murray State University

“As a faithful reader of his columns for more than a decade, I have often encouraged Duane Bolin to issue a compilation of his “best” work. What an impressive feat he has accomplished with this volume because everything he writes merits that adjective. Readers are certain to savor each essay for its clarity, scholarship, and humanity.”

-Dr. Thomas H. Appleton, Jr., Foundation Professor of History, Eastern Kentucky University

“Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and prepare for a conversation. It’s an unusual conversation because you have to read it, but it’s a conversation nonetheless. Duane Bolin’s Home and Away: A Professor’s Journal invites you into a warm, heartfelt dialogue on family, education, faith, small-town America, and journeys − both physical and metaphysical. His essays draw you into his conversation in such a way that you’ll want to have the same conversation with your family and friends. The collection is one that you will pick up time and time again as you ponder your own questions on the human condition.”

-Dr. Kathy Callahan, Chair, Department of History, Murray State University

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