Keeton in the Kitchen

A Celebration of Family, Friends and Food

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Shawn Keeton has this to say about Keeton in the Kitchen: A Celebration of Family, Friends and Food

Its different from most cookbooks because it is a book that you would just sit and read, and it happens to have recipes in it. It evolved into something totally different than I expected.

It is full of stories from growing up in the Carrollton area. The recipes are based around this area and are made with ingredients that can be found locally.

Shawn Keeton’s life has been a ‘Culinary Expedition.’ … His love of cooking was conceived as a child when he watched his mother and grandmother cook comfort food, which has had a major effect on his recipes and cooking style throughout his life.

Keeton’s cook book is not your normal cookbook. The book does not just include recipes but also tells of Keeton’s culinary expedition. ~ Kristen Snyder, The News-Democrat

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.

Shawn Keeton’s life has beena ‘Culinary Expedition.’ Keeton’s website also has weekly tips,recipes and any updates about the var ious projects Keeton is involvedin.” What began as a website to provide tips and ideas for friendsmorphed into a blog, and many other online endeavors as well asKeeton in the Kitchen television.

Keeton in the Kitchen television is a look into Shawn’s kitchen; a chance to see how Shawn prepares and serves his dishes in both an indoor and outdoor setting. The cooking show has allowed Shawn to grow in his cooking and presentation style and represents the next chapter in his cooking journey through the teaching of cooking classes. Shawn began teaching cooking classes as a way to give back to all of those who have supported him through his cooking endeavors.

“He’s a very funny guy. He’s so creative and energetic when he does the cooking program. He’s great with people and with cooking,” saysMandy Parker. The classes have been taught in a variety of settings to a multitude of diverse groups ranging from annual retreats to women’s groups. Shawn also features a variety of seminars with topics ranging from knife skills to getting picky children to eat better. Shawn continues to grow his repertoire of cooking and presenting skills as well as spreading the word of Keeton in theKitchen television.

Shawn continues to work on Keeton in the Kitchen television with a planned release of Thanksgiving 2010. Additionally Shawn can be found teaching cooking classes as well as blogging on his website, Shawn can also be found on his Facebook site, Keeton in the Kitchen, as well as on other types of digital media such as MySpace and can be contacted online

You’ll have to cook two to three meals a day for the rest of your life,”Keeton says. “You might as well enjoy it.

-KristenSnyder of The News Democrat states,

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Author: Shawn Keeton
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