Mystery of the Six Crosses

The Explosion That Killed Six Kansas City Firefighters and the Case That Brought Their Killers to Justice

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In the early morning hours of November 29, 1988, a thunderous explosion rocked the city of Kansas City, Missouri, sending six brave firefighters to an early grave. The crime would go unsolved for nearly eight years and three months.

Determined to be arson as part of an attempted burglary, Mystery of the Six Crosses describes the worst tragedy to ever strike the Kansas City Fire Department and tells the inside story of the longest and most detailed criminal investigation in modern Kansas City history.

Told by ATF Special Agent David True (Ret.), who led the investigation, Mystery of the Six Crosses describes how the criminals were identified and the long, frustrating path to bring their case to trial, leading to a final jury verdict that sentenced five conspirators to prison. This is the true, inside story of how local and federal authorities worked together to solve what had become a “cold case” in what would be the final investigation of the author’s career.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

David True  David True began his career as a public servant from 1966 to 1968 as an Explosives Ordnance Disposal Specialist (EOD) in the United States Army. From 1968 to 1971, he was a St. Louis Metropolitan police officer and detective, assigned to the Bomb and Arson Unit in the homicide division. He joined the ATF in 1971, assigned to the St. Louis and Kansas City offices, performing duties in various capacities as an agent and supervisor. He retired from ATF in 1997 after twenty-six years of service, and accepted a position as a corp Learn More about David True

“David True has documented how one of Kansas City’s most heinous crimes was brought to a successful conclusion after eight years of intensive investigation and cooperation by all law enforcement agencies involved. As the lead case agent, the final result is a testimony to Agent True’s skills as an investigator, supervisor, and diplomat.

“Because of the persistence and dedication of the investigators, criminals who felt they were smarter and above the law were convicted and incarcerated. Due to the action of Dave and his team, the community of Marlborough, in south Kansas City, became a much safer place to live and raise families. Mystery of the Six Crosses should be a textbook in law enforcement training programs. What a way to finish a career!”

-—Larry J. Joiner, Kansas City (MO) Police Chief (Ret.) U.S. Marshal, Western District of Missouri (Ret.)

“The Kansas City Firefighter explosion was the greatest internal tragedy to ever strike the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department. The firefighters thought they were responding to a ‘routine incident’ that they would quickly extinguish and return to their stations. The situation grew more complex when a vehicle fire was reported at the same construction site as the originally reported “rubbish fire.” When the explosion occurred, six dedicated KCFD personnel were killed instantly.

“Over the next several years, Special Agent David True of the ATF worked tirelessly to obtain justice for the firefighters, their families, and the fire department. This book sets forth the investigative methods and the tremendous dedication that was required to bring about federal charges for those who were arrested in connection with the most horrendous “criminal fire’ to ever occur in the heartland of America.”

-—Richard “Smokey” Dyer, Chief, Lee’s Summit (MO) Fire Department (Ret.) Chief, Kansas City (MO) Fire Department (Ret.) Owner/Operator of Richard “Smokey” Dyer Fire Consultant Co., Liberty, Missouri

“Attention: all fire service and law enforcement personnel and anyone interested in fire or murder mysteries—this is a MUST READ. Dave True has detailed the true story of the detailed investigation by ATF and the Kansas City Police Dept. to solve the murder of six dedicated Kansas City firefighters. It shocked everyone with the intensity of the explosion, injuries to the deceased, and damage to all surrounding fire vehicles and equipment of the site. As one of the private investigators who examined the scene and conducted a parallel investigation, I know Dave’s account is true and factual. He was instrumental in the apprehension and incarceration of those responsible. The actual dialog of the statements alone is worth your time. This fine book also serves as a warning to arsonists—you will be prosecuted no matter how long it takes!”

-—Michael A. Schlatman, IAAI-CFI IAAI-CI Owner/Senior Investigator of Fire Consulting and Case Review International, Inc., Overland Park, Kansas Past President of the International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc., Bowie, Maryland

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Author: David True
Pages: 272 pages
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