Sgt. Dinwiddie’s War – B-17s, POWs and the Belgian Underground in World War II

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Saturday, January 29, 1944 — it was the day that forever changed the life of T/Sgt. Don Dinwiddie, radioman on the G.I. Sheets, a B-17 bomber on a mission to destroy Nazi targets in Frankfurt, Germany. Hobbled by a bad engine and struggling to make it back to safety amidst enemy flak and German fighter planes, the G.I. Sheets was shot down over Belgium.

Aided by members of the Belgian underground, Don evaded capture for nearly four months before being betrayed and handed over to the Germans; he finished the remainder of the war as a POW, spending the last eighty-six days behind enemy lines on a 600-mile forced march.

Sgt. Dinwiddie’s War is the story of the G.I. Sheets, its crew, and their fight for freedom in war-torn Europe.

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Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

Terry H. Irwin

Terry H. Irwin was born and raised in Southeast Missouri, a descendant of English immigrants that came to this part of the United States before the Civil War (on his maternal side) and in the 1880s (on his paternal side). They were instrumental in clearing the lowlands of Southeast Missouri and helping to create the fertile farmland that it is today. The flat farmland of the area was a perfect location of flight training airfields during World War II into the early 1960s. Irwin credits the T-28 trainers Learn More about Terry H. Irwin

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Author: Terry H. Irwin
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