The Wounded Pastor

A Healing Strategy for Unjustifiable Termination and Forced Resignation

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The calling to shepherd the church is one that involves some of the greatest adventures and joys one can experience. Yet, it is a call that also comes with many pitfalls and battles every pastor must be ready to face.  The Wounded Pastor explores one such battle that nearly every pastor will face at least once in their ministry. This hidden danger and impending battle looming in the Evangelical world is the unjustified termination, or forced resignation, of pastors from a church.

The Wounded Pastor will explore stories of those who have journeyed such a path, define the scope of the problem in Evangelical churches today, explore Biblical examples, and put forth a strategy that will enable pastors to fulfill their Biblical calling by successfully entering back into vocational ministry, better equipped for the next assignment. With God’s help and a bit of hard work the wounded pastor can experience healing and vibrant ministry again.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will also help other communities and organizations preserve their history through Our American Heritage Project, a non-profit organization.
About The Author

Dr. Matthew Tanner  Dr. Matthew Tanner was born in Belleville, Illinois to Dr. Steve and Mary Tanner in March 1977. Matthew and his identical twin brother, Joshua, were given a ten percent chance of surviving through the night. Trusting in the sovereign plan of God, their parents dedicated Matthew and Joshua’s lives to the Lord, and both have lived healthy lives in service to the Lord. Dr. Tanner grew up in both central and north Arkansas before graduating high school and moving to attend College of the Ozarks. It was there he completed a Learn More about Dr. Matthew Tanner

“Thanks for posting “The Wounded Pastor”.  Awesome book!  I finished it this morning.  Working on Forgiveness!  It’s amazing to see that what I went through is almost a normal thing in a pastor’s life!!  A book I was looking for but didn’t know it existed!!”


Excellent resource for any pastor. Not just testimonials but a plan for healing through Jesus Christ. I highly recommend for every pastor and anyone in church.

-Jeremy Sells

If you are in ministry or know someone who is, you are probably aware of this problem. Although it is a difficult topic, experienced pastors need to know they are not alone and new-to-ministry pastors need to be aware of the pitfalls. This book is an excellent resource to both. Thank you to this author for starting the dialogue.

-Mary Tanner

“The Wounded Pastor” is useful! Isn’t this want pastors want in a book? The great strength of this work is the strategy for healing. Dr. Tanner maps out a clear pathway that will lead wounded pastors to a place of healing.


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